Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Paper Dog

Now that young Rocket has earned his Canine Good Citizenship title, it opens the door to a lot of doggy opportunities for him and me, some of which we might be interested in, Therapy Dog for example, and  one we are definitely interested in, Canine Agility.  You can't do  any interesting dog-centric activity these days without the dog first getting his CGC. Now that he has it,  I need to get him in with the AKC. They have these "numbers" and I need numbers to be able to advance in dogworld.

I have my Official Canine Good Citizen (tm) Program CGC (tm) Test/Registration form and it and a check gets sent to the AKC and I in return get my official certificate - which I am framing ASAP, because I'm like that.

I can get the  Yay Go You!! certificate or I can get the fancy certificate that allows me to add CGC to young Master QuikSilvr Always Comes Through  title record . To have a "title record" he needs to be registered formally with the AKC and he is not. Enter Paperwork. Enter his real name is not officially QuikSilvr Always Comes Through  until the AKC says it is.

I have his litter number, I don't know how important that is, I think is not very important in the AKC number world but it is the only number I have so its very important to me - at least in the short term because have-number-will-travel. Not far it turns out, but its better than nothing. Its a nice start but its not the golden ticket that awaits when the breeder sends me my  magic AKC code!

I called the breeder and explained that through all fault of my own that I can't find most of the paperwork the dog came with. I found the my original puppy application, my contract, the Puppy Checklist, Puppy Supply List and some nonsense from The Dog Whisperer.  I may not have received the more important paperwork because A) I had an arm load of puppy and B) I probably didn't ask for it any way. I have a feeling that I was supposed to ask for it when I needed it, and I was supposed to need it sooner than now.

When I finally got the breeder she agreed to email me some code that I can use online to get the process in motion and I can get him officially named and on the rolls and street legal. I have to do all of this because even with his Limited Registration ( he can not be used for breeding and he is officially not show dog quality) I have to have him registered so that he can compete in official AKC sanctioned events - because he's going to! Someday. Hopefully. And damn it,  on a very base level, he's an investment and I owe it to him and me to have his papers in order.

And I want the fancy certificate damn it.

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