Thursday, June 6, 2013

Eat it up.

The dog loves cat food, this gave me the idea that perhaps he doesn't love cat food per say, as much as he loves fish flavor. I went out and bought him fish flavored dog food! I thought this was a genius move. I came home and proudly presented  to him his fabulous new dog food, totally prepared to have to refill his bowl, our long national nightmare would soon be over : Rocket would eat!

Rocket ate. His rice and chicken. He was slightly intrigued by his new food but seemed concerned by its size and level of crunch. It is both too large and too crunchy. Back to his old new food, which is very small and features some less than crunchy bits.

I'm going to call my vet tomorrow and  tell her that while rice and chicken is nice and he will eat it, he won't eat his kibble and he has not
good but there are solutions .
Over 499,000 different ways to make a dog eat. I've never had to make a pet eat. I've had to make a pet not eat, but weight loss has not been a problem for anyone in the past - except for when it was a sign of a really, really bad problem and now I have skinny pet PTSD, so for my health this has to stop! Rocket has never been a chubby guy and managed to go through puppyhood without ever producing a puppy tummy - he is not programed for being over-weight , which is great because a thin dog is a happy dog is a dog that is healthier and lives longer... But a skinny dog is a sad dog that is sickly and feels worse. I want a happy medium for young Rocket.

I am about ten minutes from going out and buying a big bag of Aces cat food and saying to hell with it. Too much protean for a dog you say?! Bring it.

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