Monday, July 29, 2013

Go Me

For someone who had decided by say, Tuesday that I was going to sleep all weekend, I got a lot done. Friday after work I finally got the back yard mowed, it took a  week of labor to prepare it to get to that point and I was very happy to finally have my lawn back. Its not much to look at but at least when you are looking at it you know you are looking at someones yard verses someones abandoned lot.

 I'm happier, the plants are happier and my super awesome, early birthday gift to myself, composter is happier because it got nummy yard clippings to feast on.

Isn't it adorable? I got it at Big Lots at a major discount because they are in the middle of  inventory and it was the last one  they had in the store and it was shop worn and they let me use my frequent buyers  discount. I've had my eye on one of these babies since they hit the store floors last winter but were too expensive for me to buy - even at Big Lots. I could have had one of the box models but they sit on the ground and draw rats and bugs and I have enough problems with rats and bugs. I really wanted one of the roller models. Its beat up, but its a composter.

Saturday I had really no plans since I got the yard mowed Friday night. I did have an appointment for an oil change but that was in the afternoon. In the morningish as part of my plan to actually get some sort of work done while the animals are away, I finally returned Brosky and Alphagals dog crate and then I got the oil changed and then I discovered the Worlds Best Store - Ollies Bargain Store! So much crap and overstock! Such fun it makes Big Lots look like Nordstrom.

Post bargain hunting, I went to the grocery to get dinner, with an eye towards using up some of my tomatoes

They have taken over the whole garden! I don't have pepper plants anymore. Last year completely sucked as for tomatoes, this year the tomatoes have struck back. I have given away more than I produced all last year and there are plenty to come.

Saturday dinner was mac and cheese mixed with ground pork, left over onion and some tomatoes from my garden. It was delicious.  Dinner tonight featured my last stuffed pepper ( store bought, sniff, sniff) covered with the tomato sauce I made today.

Yeah, I made my own. It was easy and I'll do it again I would imagine. Its not spaghetti sauce, its just tomatoes cooked down with basil and garlic. I didn't make much, but its just me and I used it as a learning experience. The first thing I learned is  "strain the sauce or you will end up with a lot of seeds in the sauce",  lesson learned.

Its really good, much better than it looks, but the next time I make it, it will be better.

Before I decided to go all Cooking Channel, I remembered something I had wanted to do while the animals were gone : The Attic Needs Attention. So I paid it some attention, not a lot of attention, but I got rid of some empty boxes and moved a few things around and generally made it easier to move around. I also  threw away a lot of little stuff that should have never made it into the attic in the first place. I still need to do a real through job up there but I'll need help, I got what I could get done, done and I feel good about the job.

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