Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Working Out

I'm hot. I'm sitting here hot and developing a fully rational hate for the plastic table cloth because it is touching me! Right now everything that is touching me is suspect.

Its hot  outside the house, its hot inside the house, despite running the a/c and the ceiling fans and the liberal use of box fans - its still hot. I am actually sitting here topless because I thought, not very wisely, that I would "help". It is just putting more of me in contact with my new  mortal enemy, the plastic table cloth!

I had to turn off Diners, Drive ins and Dives, not because of  Guy but because Guy spends so much time in restaurant kitchens and the idea off all those ovens and stoves and heat producing appliance is just too much! Evening the dinning rooms look like they are too warm.

I am hoping I am able to draw on this experience in a  few months when this place has reverted back  into its native state as an ice box and I am freezing all the time. I doubt it, instead I'll just think what a giant whiner I am being about being warm and how much I would love just one moment of natural warmth as I snuggle further into my electric blanket and hope that the dog can hold it until spring.

Earlier while clearing suffering from some sort of heat sickness, I looked up The 7 minute work out , Broskey mentioned it and I thought that seven minutes sounds like about my limit for a work out so why not! Why Not indeed? I haven't done calisthenics since junior high gym class! Why not!

At first I was like 30 seconds each? I can do 30 seconds! and boy, I just flew through those jumping jacks! And then they wanted me to do 30 seconds of sit ups and then 30 seconds of getting on and off a chair and then 30 seconds of lunges and something called "planks" - which I was good at because I can just lay there like a champ and then on from one  deeply off putting exercise to another  exhausting bout of  calisthenics and it was the longest 7 minutes of my life.

I think I'll just re-introduce jumping jacks into my life and start with that. Its so hot in here I can lose weight walking upstairs. I think I'll  work up a sweat walking across the room to  watch Frozen Planet.

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