Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I was just running through the MLS listings again - not for me, you'll have to pry me out of here, but for the house down the street, another wretched little rent  house was flipped and now its done and decidedly not wretched and I want to know what they are asking! They went with a firm that sells a lot of houses downtown and inside the beltline and the houses sell, sooner or later, but they do sell.

 The firm  however has a crap site and seems to takes it times getting its listings online. As far as I am concerned,, once that sign goes in the dirt, its lights, camera, action time. Its on MLS and the clock is ticking. If you aren't ready to sell that house to me in say, soulless corporate Cary, today,  don't put the sign up CHELSEA REALITY. I shouldn't have to drive past the property to know its for sale - and then even if I do drive past the property, I should be able to either A) Get a info sheet on it or B) be able to contact the agent. Neither of which is possible with them, I know, I've tried.

This is the second house in the area they have listed and not gotten on their site or MLS as quickly as they should have. They seem very successful with sales around here but when I went online I found only negative reviews and bad experiences with them. I have noticed that once they have the house on the market and after the open house, they do seem to abandon the properties and have no interest in keeping them up in anyway. I understand that this is most likely the owners responsibility but if I was in charge of getting the property sold I would either demand the owner do their due diligence or I would at the owners expense, at the very least hire someone to keep the yard mowed.

I need to know what they plan on doing with my property values! I need to know! Since I do have a vested interest in the place I wish they had asked my opinion on paint colors - I liked green the first time I saw it, but now? this is like the third house in a row now and Green has fallen out of favor, they do get credit for  not going with that green and using a slightly darker and less cloying shade and then pairing it with PURPLE - yes "that" purple , but still kudos for not going with white and black. But its going to take a very special buyer to fall in love with that paint scheme.

Instead of doing the seven minute work out I did the mile and a half round trip to the post office and picking up cans and bottles work out. I like it better.

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