Friday, August 23, 2013

Bits on Ice.

It was time for Rockets first post operative vet visit. He hasn't lost any weight since his procedure but he hasn't gained any either. We went back to the exam room and the vet came in and looked over  her work and declared that he looks "good". Good not great. Apparently if you want to return to normal activity you need to look great.

We have another seven days on the injured reserve list and that makes long walks through downtown and even our traditional "shorter" walk to the post office a no go. I didn't tell her we all ready had gone for long walks - I  could have asked her to go into detail as to what constitutes a "long walk' but I decided to not incriminate myself.  We are benched. He supposed to be a couch potato.

It was also suggested that I put ice packs on his bits because his bits are a bit more swollen  than the vet really likes at seven days out. They? It? the bits he has left are swollen because the "bleeder" he had on the way home from the office after his surgery. He now has a  swollen nut sack full of blood clots. Lovely.

Have you ever tried to put an ice pack on dog bits? Rocket made it clear that while he wasn't exactly Born This Way, he does not have body image problems and that he pretty much has to insist that we forgo the whole ice-on-bits idea entirely. The more I try to put ice on his bits the more he runs around and the more he runs around the less we are following doctors orders. I think she would rather have him at rest  than on ice. We have an additional follow up appointment next week that hopefully will return us to active duty. I see a long weekend of  bit icing if we want to go back to our routine, hopefully he will grow to at least not run from towel wrapped bags of ice? Maybe he'll listen to reason? Maybe I'll just double down on his Benadryl.

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