Thursday, August 22, 2013


Recently, because our unpopular Governor is a  liar and all around dishonest sack of shit, the People are getting restless. A couple of weeks ago, he  handed out cake to protesters. He sent his minions  -better paid and with less education than any one in my office, to give them cake, because when you have had your sovereignty over your body stripped from you, you want cake. I'm not sure what group supplied the course material his Mama, used but clearly, his homeschooling did not cover anything French. Too bad, but I'm sure he knows a lot about  Jesus' pet dinosaur. Pat and the Tea Party Republicans for which he stands have  Caused a general decline in North Carolina which is cheered by the Tea Party Republicans but has caused the rest of NC to learn about protest.

Today we got an  email letting us know that we should expect to see some "Guests" from a  group called Progress North Carolina on campus. "Guests" with bullhorns and slogans and signs. We were instructed to be polite to them but under no circumstances let them into a state building. If these "guests" were to  impede us in any way, we should call the capital police at once.

Because you know "guests", especially libberl "guests" , who are definitely going to impede you at every turn! They are violent and dangerous and you had pretty much better call the popo right now. Not mentioned in the email  is that due to state budget cuts  the reason you have to call the State Police if you are being impeded or mugged or flashed on campus, is that because due to McCrory and the Tea Party Republicans budget cuts, they are no longer on campus.

Progress North Carolina is a group that protests Pat McCrory and the Tea Party Republicans and Pat McCrory's Tea Party Republican policies . They have been busy and are going to stay busy because Pat and The Tea party for which he stands, just got started and its going to take a while to get the state back to 1951 but due  to Tea Party Republican financed gerrymandering, they have plenty of time to get the job done. I hope that Progress North Carolina comes to my building, hell, every building on campus.

And they aren't the big dogs either, Moral Monday's can draw a crowd. A big, boisterous "Arrest Me Pul-Leese! Mr. Officer!" crowds. There is no cake big enough to satisfy that group and in the coming months,  the people are going to become increasingly restive, Pat and the Tea Party for which he stands have a problem and its spreading across the state. Raleigh was fun, but the anger is everywhere.  Bon Appetite Pat.

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