Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Rocket and I took out first long-form walk today. We left at 4:20 and we didn't get home until 5:40. Its been a long time since we  got our walk on and it was nice to be back. We took a couple of walks when he came home from vacation but it was too warm and it wouldn't stop raining and so our walks were abbreviated or not at all. Sad really.

He didn't want to eat when we came home. I had been thinking about food for the last hour but he his mind must have been elsewhere - the hormones will take awhile to leave his system. I fed myself and put his bowl down but he wouldn't eat it. I had to go to the store and I left him with his food and hoped for the best.  Still not interested. By the time I returned from the store it was after 8pm and I was concerned.

Apparently, his internal clock wants him to eat at 8:15 at night.

I got a letter from the Church, they want me to give them money and as a to butter me up for this, they included a Pope Francis holy card. Thanks Church! He's  kind of cool, ya'll could learn from him. I'm keeping the card and throwing away the letter.

 I might have been a little more likely to help them out, because I actually do like this new Pope, but two weeks in a row the new priest reminded the congregants that we really, really hate gay marriage and that birth control is sinful. The priest also said that Jesus didn't love or even tolerate all people and that tolerance is bad and hating is good and being on the wrong side of history is a good place to be! Our hate makes us strong!  And when  those evil tolerance pushers are out there being tolerant of others they are being intolerant of hateful people and this is intolerable! We demand to be hateful! And you should respect our hate and adopt it because hate is great!  Everyone should hate people who aren't like us.  And we are all like us! Because we say so!

The priest is an ass and the Church is still not getting any of my money. The priest also bragged that when he came to the parish in Greenville that  some of the congregants left the parish because they didn't like him and found him pushy and judgmental. He was proud of this. Ass.

Didn't give them money then, ain't gonna give them my money now. Thanks new priest for keeping me strong.

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