Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wet Dog

I made an executive decision and took off Rockets E-Collar. I don't see that it is protecting him from himself and in fact, it seems to e injuring him more than any licking he is doing. So, no more E-Collar but more frequent applications of Bitter Apple - which despite having no past experience with, he hates. he has yet to see the connection between licking his incision and me zapping him with the spray.He does learn, but he learns better with heavy application of treats. For someone who isn't really interested in eating he is very food focused and will actually do tricks to get food. Tramp!

I decided to finally read Amy Sedaris'  I like You, Hospitality Under the Influence, and in protest. all my other cookbooks promptly jumped to their deaths! Literally, my other cookbooks fell off my shelf onto the floor without any assistance. I will not be guilted or slut shamed by Ecoiffier! I just started it and found a recipe for Oxtail ragout  and I am going to make it, it is in my favor and I believe, my fate to make this, as  my ghetto grocery stocks oxtails! Also the recipe calls for tomatoes and I have lots of tomatoes. I think it sounds like fun.

I've never actually met an oxtail that was not currently in still in use by a cow, or really, they use steers. Maybe cows have less meaty tails? Does getting castrated lead to a more meaty tail? I guess I'll find out. Also, I'll keep an eye on Rocket to see if there is any change to his tail girth post neuter.

I thought I would share how my morning started. I took the dog for a walk in the mist and halfway home the mist turned into a pouring rain. I really did want to change clothes before work and Rocket did need a bath. But really, walking in the pouring rain at 5:30am is not fun. Don't try it. But I have to say, if getting drenched is the worse thing that happens to you all day, don't complain too loudly.

More from my train of thought, the music on Dog TV is hold music. I bet you didn't know that your dog would really like that. Who knew?

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