Monday, August 19, 2013

Young dog is doing well post op. He is now wearing an E-Collar, because despite being warned of the consequences of licking his incision, he wouldn't stop licking his incision. I told him if he wouldn't stop he would end up in an E-Collar and he said he didn't care and then I put the collar on him and suddenly he was all "I won't do it anymore, I'll never lick anything that itches me ever again!" and then he wriggled out of the collar twice and I told him I wasn't one of those parents and I made the collar tighter. Now he a bruises around the site from being rubbed with the edges of the collar. So now in addition to the hated E-Collar I am also following him around with bitter apple, which he hates even more.

He can't go up the stairs, get on the furniture or into the car. He can chew on his toys, look out the window and plot. All things he has met with much success  with over the last few days. I am counting the days until I can move his crate and myself back upstairs where we belong. I am sleeping on the futon in the office with him so he won't be alone. When he has healed, I am taking the large metal crate upstairs and substituting it for the plastic crate that he has now outgrown.

My father installed a new gadget for the office door that allows it to stay just open enough to allow for ventilation  but not enough for Rocket to escape. I think he will not like it as much as being out in the whole house, but he will like it better than if he was locked up in his crate. I think he's going to have to adjust his expectations. He lives in my house, I do not live in his.

He and I have either between seven to ten days of  unjoy before he is considered "healed" or ten to fourteen days of unjoy ahead of us, depending on your source. The vet  leaned pretty heavily towards the ten to fourteen days school, but I think he's going to be healed up much, much sooner.  Or not, he could rip open his stiches or cause himself internal damage or any of a dozen other grim outcomes. In his favor, he doesn't seem to be infected ( his scrot is cool)  or still sick from the anesthesia - he isn't vomiting or refusing to eat , he is successfully drinking and voiding like a champ.  I am voting for seven days to a healed up scrotum. Lets all join hands and pray.

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