Friday, August 2, 2013

Couch Surfing

I came home from vacation and sat on my couch, because I sat on the couch in Marquette and now I was in the habit of couch sitting. Its why we have couches, we don't have couches to act as overgrown dog beds or as a place to store laundry while you wait for it to learn to put itself away.

My Couch is Uncomfortable. I have had said couch since 1998 and I don't think other than a few nights involuntarily spent on the it  back in the nineties due  a psychotic cat, I have never voluntarily sat on my own couch. I have a couch because  in general,  most living rooms have couches in them. Its a nice enough couch, wellish made,  a good color, not offensive in any way -  but still I don't use it. I wore out the chair that came with it and yet all this time later, the couch looks like it just came off the wholesalers' warehouse floor. And that's after two dogs and two cats and  now  fifteen years.

Its too narrow. You can not get comfortable on it and it makes me feel like I'm in a waiting room, I am sitting down but I need to be ready to launch off it at any time - this is not relaxing. Years and years ago I noticed this, and I took an entire trash bag stuffing out of the back pillows to give  them a little more  give - Okay, perhaps it was time to do this again. I took another entire trash bag of fluff out of the two pillows and still the couch was still too narrow.

How wrong is my couch? The dog won't use it. The dog curls up on the back pillows instead of using the couch itself. Dogs are not picky creatures and he rejects this couch.   Why not just buy a new couch? Couches are expensive and there is no budget for a new couch and even if there were (Hello Craigslist!), then I would have to deal with either re-homing it or unloading it and neither sounds like something that I would do for fun. Bad Couch and I have a relationship and I can't turn my back on it because my feelings have changed about over the years.

I removed the back pillows and tried it out. It was much deeper and instantly more comfortable - However, the couch back was not designed for this and I was afraid it might tear, also it was a little stiff. Enter the too many throw pillows I have collected over the years clearly waiting for just this moment! At last they have purpose! Now I have a comfortable couch! I can lean back and feel like I am leaning back! If I decide this idea is a keeper I might go to  Big Lots or Ollies or whatever and buy some matching pillows. It might be a little boho, but I can do boho, its a whole lot cheaper than new coucho.

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