Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Desk Duty

Between trying in vain to ice the dogs nads, watching TV, mowing the yard, supervising Rocket taking it easy,  washing the laundry - a job I now hate because my  washing machine is broken and it must be supervised to get the load done, and resting from all the non-work I was doing, I picked up my new desk! Out in Garner, which is a much bigger place than I had thought. I ended up driving out to Egypt! I passed Bedouins and  cops in riot gear.

I have needed a desk for some time but didn't have anywhere to put one. Now that Jurassic desktop has been permanently banished to the upstairs, I have some free space. I also decided that the thousand pens and out of date stamps and boxes of crayons and markers the kitchen was not an ideal storage system.

I found  New Desk on Craigslist and paid exactly the figure I had in mind for getting a desk. The fact that its a nifty roll top model is a giant perk. I also thought about getting a Secretary style desk , but for some reason the folks on Craigslist are more proud of those and price them accordingly.

Enter Desky The Wonder Desk! It protects my mess from both prying eyes and curious dog noses and looks cute while doing it! Its not going to live against that wall but there is currently a dog crate in the way of his true home. I am hoping that at Rockets second follow up at the vets on Tuesday, that she release us to our regular schedule and we can move back upstairs, or not, I really like staying downstairs, its much cooler than the attic this time of year.

Its not quite the Eames era piece the house really calls for, but its nice and well made and if at some point I want to , say decorate it, it will be fine, Its no antique and options abound.

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