Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Post Op Follow Up 2

Took Rocket back for his second and final follow up with the surgeon. His nads are finally shrinking up and the vet said that by Christmas he'll be as smooth as a babies bottom.

I felt bad at first because I didn't take a picture of his business before his surgery but then I realized I didn't miss them and he didn't seem all heart broken about them magically not being there any longer... and they were enormous and not really his beast feature .If I hadn't figured out he was um, blessed, the vet pointed out today that he had a really big set when he walked in and that it takes a while for that much skin to tighten up.. And after his little "bleeder" they didn't really go away any way, in fact, they got bigger!

But now they seem to be getting a little smaller and the skin is getting a little looser and hopefully we'll be back to our regular activities and long walks  soon.

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