Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Garden Day 9

After considerable editing, the garden has retreated back into it's assigned places and we are again living in harmony.

The second lesson I learned this year, after "plant corn next year!" was "do not plant as many watermelon next year" . I planted three of on variety and three of another. I did not think this was going to be a big deal. In the past I have planted three plants total and got a reasonable yield for one person and a couple of gift melons. I do not know why this did not seem good enough. In years past I got multiple fruits that grew to maturity, this year with twice the number of plants I think I'm going to come out with maybe two watermelon total! This isn't good enough, next year I am back to three plants and hopefully better outcome.

The most mature and mostly likely only melon I am going to get this year. There are a few of others, but one has stopped growing and the others are still too young to get excited about.

I had to do serious pruning of the vines or I wouldn't be able to get around in the yard. I do not think this was harmful to the plants as the vines had grown thick and matted and there as very little light getting through. The plants seem happier and the baby fruits have a better chance of growing to maturity.

Another crop that isn't going to have a big year is the green beans. This is just not a good year for the green bean.  I planted them in questionable soil and then I didn't plant nearly as many seeds as I usually, thus I have far fewer plants and predictably, many fewer beans.  Next year I am going to really work to enrich  the soil much more than I did this year and I am going to bring the trellisi out of storage and put them back into use.

My experiment with the corn paid off. I didn't get a lot of corn, but I got enough and that was enough to earn them a place next season. I'm pretty sure I'm going to pull the plants up soon because I think their growing season is over and there are no young corns? cobs? growing.

Another successful addition to the garden this year were the Sun Flowers. They did spectacualllry well. I wish I had been here for their few days of full on blooming, but I did get to see pictures and now I have many, many, many seeds.

The peppers. My poor sad peppers. I had eight plants. I have two.

The tomaotos are doing spectacularly well, pepper stomping good.

I do now understand why people hate squirrels though. They are greedy and wasteful and spiteful. I now really get why people go to war with them. I was really happy because I came home for lunch and managed to "rescue" a ripening one and was very proud of myself.

Not proud of the fact that both my spell check features crapped out on me.

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