Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Doing Nothing

Today was a day that I did not get things done. I get so bored of being efficient and useful and a contributing member of society.

After work I did not:  Take a walk, pick up recyclables,  go to the store to get ingredients for my next batch of tomato sauce,, do the laundry, vacuum, clean anything, empty the dishwasher, fill the dishwasher, upload pictures to Walgreen's, call my alarm company, go back to Sam's to point out they filled only half the dogs prescription or pay my water bill.

I am contemplating going to Walmart to get some ice cream because its much cheaper than going across the street to get a milkshake . I was able to accomplish maybe finding a local source for Rockets new food that we found in Marquette, the downside being its only a "maybe" source and its located in deepest, whitest North Raleigh and its kind of a drive to get out there and they look expensive. I do have a back up for them though, there is a store in Chapel Hill that sells it but I'm not going out there for dog food, no mater how much he likes it - that same store has another location in Raleigh, very close to me and if Store A carries I maybe I can get Store B to at the very least, order it for me from the Store A.

I'm going to blow off  Wally World and hit Food Lion instead.

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