Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dog Foodie

I was so happy when I came home today. I didn't have anywhere to go, well, I did have to go back to work to get my phone that I left there, but I was going to go there to walk the dog, so I could multi-task. I also didn't have to run any errands. Other then to try to remember to go to the store to get soda for lunch and maybe see if they have the weight loss cat food variety and while I was there anyway, maybe see if I could find some cheap but not nasty dog food to add to the healthy dog food so that the dog can maybe gain some much needed weight.

Expensive dog food is grain free dog food and without grain your dog isn't going to pack on the pounds he would with a ( bad, evil, why do you hate your dog?) grain included dog food. Even your dog has gone low-carb. But then I start to figure in the cost of bad dog food to what I all ready paid for the good dog food and I end up buying a tiny bag of bad dog food because I can't stand the thought of feeding him the good stuff straight.

It needs to last and last and if he eats it, it isn't going to last. My next idea after my next expensive dog food is used up, is to buy a  an high quality  big box dog supply store level dog food, Pro Plan, for example, and mix it with a smaller bag of very high quality artisanal  dog food...

If you spend enough time in the artisanal  dog food world,  all of a sudden the run of the mill gold plated dog food that I used to be all "Oh My God They Want How Much?!" Petco/Petsmart level food all of a sudden seems so reasonable! Go to Wallyworld and look at food and its almost free by comparison.

But all good things must come to an end and eventually, I am going to run out of artisanal  dog food and have no choice but to go with  something cheaper, but not that much cheaper dog food, because I do have some pride. Proplan sport-all-life-stages-performance-30-20-formula is looking like a winner, however most the ingredients sound like chemicals and probably taste like them too and my current dog food features, well, currents and blue berries and cranberries and buffalo - All things I can recognize and I know what they taste like. The Pro Plan is not cheap either, its "cheaper" than the really good stuff, but not really cheap either, still running about $55 for 37 pounds, so if I am willing to be spendy on dog food, perhaps I need to do more home work on what kind of dog food I spend on.

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