Friday, September 6, 2013

Garden Day 11

Time is marching on, right through my garden First it was the potatoes and then the sunflowers and now the green beans. They had a burst of productivity but now they are thinning out, one plant just died all together - I don't feel bad about taking the rest of them out and pulling out the bean tee-pee. It's time.

I would love to pull out the watermelons but I have two growing and while I have no faith that either will mature, I'm going to give them a chance and hold off with the Great Melon Purge of '13, it is coming.  I'm going to spend the winter  adding new dirt and feeding that patch and getting it ready for corn next spring. I've decided that while I can grow watermelon, I don't have to and I'm going to give the melons a break this next year.

The peppers seem thrilled that the tomatoes are dieing back more and more and they have taken advantage of the elbow room by growing peppers! I'm so happy to see them because prior to the new growth I pulled maybe two or three total over the summer and that was not what I had planned for when I put them in the ground last spring.  This year instead of trying to keep whole frozen peppers around, I'm just cutting them up into strips and bits and they easier to use in more ways. Also the fridge is full of tomatoes and there simple isn't room for whole peppers.

I  also need the room for my green beans, this was defiantly not their year either, but I managed to get some and I'm going to spend some time this weekend getting them prepared and ready to freeze. I'm also going to roast my sunflower seeds although I am a little afraid I waited too long on them. I don't think the birds will mind either way. I hope.

When I'm not in the kitchen I am planning on transforming my guestroom back into my bedroom, at least for a short time before it gets cold and the freezer like qualities of that room kick in. Its cooler downstairs this time of year but I am getting tired of having to strip and fold up the futon every morning and then remaking it and folding it down every evening. If the futon people really loved us, they would make them easier to take up and down.

The bedroom, after I  move the bed - a huge undertaking because it is an enormous, heavy bed, I'm going to have to figure out what to do with the rest of the heavy furniture in the room and then get bedside tables from somewhere because there really aren't  any in the room and I have clock issues and I need to be able to see the lock or I get anxious and I don't want to wake up with anxiety at 1:30 in the morning because I can't see the clock clearly.

So, going into the weekend with plans and goals. Yay!

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