Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I decided to do two things today : 1) organize my turtleneck drawers and 2) get good at making layer cakes.  I was walking the dog this morning enjoying the breeze when I noticed that the enjoyable breeze was a cool breeze and every few breezes, there was a cold breeze. I also think it may be time for my tropical plant to come inside at night. It was a day of many thoughts.

The cake idea came from seeing that a layer cake takes up much less room in my refrigerator, also it is a good life skill. I am never going to get better at tennis but I might be able to turn out a layer cake a couple times a year. I would like to ultimately become good enough at it  that I retire my flat cake pans. I made one and it was gorgeous but I also slavishly followed the directions and made the cake along with a You-Tube video as a guide and it was gorgeous and I sent it down the runway, the second time I made one I did not use any educational aids and  the cake looked better in a room with poor lighting. Terrific personality and tells a great joke. Also, it tasted just the same as the pretty cake. I do now know why frosting is our friend though, it covers many faults as well as acts as cement. Good stuff frosting,  and under appreciated as a kitchen gadget.

In honor of this new cool breeze thing happening, I am wearing  brown and maroon to work tomorrow as well as actual shoes and stockings! for the first time since Memorial Day. I'm not sure how its going to work out though, I wore almost real shoes today and some how managed to damage the top of my foot. I sprained something that isn't even weight bearing!

I am feeling much better about  fall since I re-ordered my turtleneck drawers and got them ready to get back to work! I can find them or at least all of them that were in the drawers  where they belong, and if they were in the right place, they are now folded and ready to go. Yay Winter.

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