Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Maintenance Manor

I am very psyched about my card images! Well, its a big deal for me, I know you don't share my excitement, but you know, its a big deal to me
I should have spent the after work portion of my day sorting and folding and putting away the  laundry I have been dumping on the bed upstairs. I did not. I watched TV an walked the dog and made my self a really outstanding dinner of angle hair pasta, shrimp and tomato's and peppers fro my garden.  The shrimp were the little kind and they could have had more seasoning, but all in all, it was great. I think tomorrow I am going to pull out the panko.

Okay. I folded the laundry and put everything away. I am happier now. I also needed to do this because I was tired of not having access to my underwear. This is not an item of clothing you want to play hide and seek with and I am tired of playing games. I also needed to do this because my washing machine guy who was supposed to come by today and fix my washing machine - didn't come by today and fix my washing machine. I decided to stop using the machine until it got fixed and I planning on it being fixed today. My machine is not fixed today and I need to wash my clothes! Now that I did my housework, I do now have a few more days of underwear in the "win" colum, so its not the emergency it could have been, but so help me, if I even have to think about the prospect of  washing my underwear in the sink, Mr. Repairman is going to know about it! I AM WASHING MY UNDERWEAR IN THE SINK! FIX THE MACHINE  RIGHT NOW DAMN IT! RIGHT NOW! ARE YOU ASLEEP? WAKE UP! ARE YOU EATING?  CHEW FASTER!

Another thing that needs fixing but is in my hands, my sneakers are broken  and for once, Rocket didn't break them. They just fell apart, I bought them on deep discount two years ago and they have worn out but you would think that $100 sneakers would last longer. Now I need to find a new pair at deep discount and get a new pair, hopefully, another $100 pair for under $40. I also need to find some new shoes to wear to the office over the winter but I'm going to back burner that pair.

I am almost looking forward to wearing real shoes again, I have tan lines on my feet, perma-Tivas, and while sandals are super comfortable, my feet are also exposed to the world and I am getting a little tired of washing the world off my feet every day. It also brings to my attention  that I really need to get a pedicure before the winter or risk the damage setting is permanently. I also just want to get a pedicure and now I actually need a pedicure and hat makes it less of a splurge and closer to something I can spring for and not feel like I'm being wasteful or princess.

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