Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Smart Dog

A few days ago I had to run a couple of errands in the evening. I'm a grown up and I am allowed to do that. Rocket did not agree with that and peed on the carpet while I was gone. I can't be too angry because its not that he's not potty rained or he's doing it out of spite - Its the separation anxiety manifesting, note to self : call vet!

I pulled the area rug out of the room and dragged it outside to dry on the fence to be an object lesson for the dog/become a habitat for cock roaches/get less stinky. The next part of the plan is to lay out on the drive way and hit it with a hose, leave it out to dry again and then give it a good going over with Natures Miracle. Ultimately, I will move it back into the room.

At present its still outside, the office floor is bare. I miss the carpet because it covers up the less then stellar condition of the floor, Rocket misses it because the floor is hard. He has   a very nice futon as well as an ottoman to choose from and now he is sad about the hard floor.Whatever : Don't pee on the carpet and the carpet will not be removed.

Anyway. The floor is bare. It was bare. I had a remnant rolled up and stashed way under the futon to store it, today when I came home in the after noon the floor was no longer bare

This is a reenactment. The only change is that I put a curled up end under the chair legs to flatten it out. I did not move it from where he placed it.

He  first found the rug, then he maneuvered the rug out from under the futon, pulled it into the center of the room and unrolled it so he could have a carpet. I kid you not. The floor is too hard and too cold and he didn't like it. Now he's happy. I need to get this dog a job or into some sort of  home school program.


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