Thursday, September 26, 2013


I got my card issues resolved. I got a couple of outside opinions, they didn't agree with each other but they acted as a tie breaker for me, so everything worked out. I;m going to order some of one of the designs and  some more of the other - I am going to have the super fun of over thinking who gets which card! Yay!

So this year I have three designs! I just have to decide how much of each, but before I do that I need to make a count of how many cards I'm going to send out. IO always say I'm going to trim the list but that never happens. I can do my bet not to add to the list, but that can be easier to said than done too - Thank you Facebook! I am now realizing that I will have four cards counting Rockets' card for the cookies. I think I should get a discount from the USPS

And the cookies. I have to make the cookies. I mean Yay! Cookies! I get to make the cookies! Woo-Hoo! Dog Cookie Season!!!  I'm going to need to decide how many varieties I am going to make this time around. I also was make too many but the idea of making 1500 of the same kind just paralyzes me with non-joy, really doing 1500 of anything makes me feel a certain degree of non-joy, but I need to make enough different kinds so that I focus on that number instead of the big number. It works better for me to say I'm making ten kinds, and I have made three varieties and I have seven to go!, actually, at that point I am not better, I'm better at I'm making ten kinds and I have two more to go! Right now I have made no kinds and have 1500 go, so I'm a little freaked because I should get started so I'm not forced to make them all at once. Making them a little by little over an extended time is much easier and more pleasent and I can enjoy the process a little.

All this thought about Christmas puts me in the mind to write a letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year. I have not killed any of my co-workers, despite many reasons to do so. I have also been very patient with the world at large and have practiced great self control with society in general. 

For Christmas this year I would like a chest freezer for my basement. I would also like agility equipment for Rocket, so we can practice at home. If you can, I suggest checking out my Amazon list for other ideas. I might also need a new clothes washer.


I don't want to be too demanding, but I do want to advocate for myself with as much energy as possible, without coming off has being to grabby or greedy or  too needy. I am kind of needy, I do need a chest freezer. Just saying.

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