Friday, September 27, 2013

Yard Work

And its Friday! Finally! Now I can to tearing out the rest of the garden and getting my yard back and getting the garden soil in shape, I can't wait to use the compost I've made! Its going to be a yard work weekend.

I'm going to have to think about what I'm going to do with my hoses, I wasn't completely happy with what I did last year, as it resulted in hose chaos and I really should have put some thought into this before I decided I was going to  rip everything out and  had to deal with these hoses. I can't really put the hoses up right away because they are going to be soggy and covered with dirt and I can't leave them like that all winter. I'm thinking  after they have dried out, bringing them in the house and putting them into a plastic box to spend the winter in my basement. Safe and out of the way.

What is going to happen this weekend is that I will get the hoses out of the garden and then I spray them off and they will spend some time stretched out in the yard drying out, then I'll try to get them coiled up and secured and then they will go to the basement. I want to not have to re-buy drip hoses every year. The regular water hoses are faster to put up and this year I vow to do more then throw them down the stairs and hoping they don't fall apart over the winter. I'm going to spend a lot of time muddy, damp and smelling like dirty water.

I'm going to keep the peppers in the ground until the young peppers are ready to be harvested but I think I;m going to pull up the hoses and remove the weed barrier anyway. I am really looking forward to seeing that exactly the weed  acted as a barrier to  because from what I can tell, weeds grew through it really well so I haven't been sure exactly what it was designed as a barrier against , maybe zombies? I'll find out.

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