Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I would have totally had an entry for today but, instead I went to Alphagals birthday party and then I came home and watched Too Cute and a home improvement show and then I noticed that Rockets' paw looked swollen.

Because it is swollen! I can't find a sting or a wound, but it looks bee-stung. He's  weight bearing, running around happily, using it to grasp his toys, chasing  the cat and he ate his dinner like a dog that likes food and he's not guarding the paw more than he usually does - under the best of circumstances he hates having his feet touched, and he still let me examine it and I didn't see anything that looked alarming. He's also not licking or gnawing it or worrying it.

We walked three times today, very short walks, and I didn't hear him yip or  yelp or  freak out - like I did when I got stung a couple of weeks ago. He also doesn't appear to be in pain. I looked online and the suggestion was give him some Benadryl and put an ice pack on it. I know he isn't down with ice packs but he tolerates Benadryl well. If it doesn't get better in a couple of days or if he starts guarding or limping, I'll call his vet.

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