Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wally World Again

I didn't take the dog for a walk today! I came home and instead of  changing shoes and bopping out the door, I watched Too Cute - Top 20 cute Kittens and then I played with my phone.
 I feel a little, not sick, but like there are warning lights on and I need to pull over. There are a couple of people at work who are genuinely sick and I don't want to get that way. Rest and not over doing it are key.

Rocket did get a ride to Wally and the enormous treat of waiting in the parking lot for me to do a quick in-and-out... No such  trip ever occurred at Wally World, Rocket spent a lot of time checking out People of Walmart and feeling superior.

It took a long time because I chanced across a display of  deeply discounted fabric and Rocket needs a new shroud for his dog bed. The old shroud has gotten torn over time, looking at you Phantom Daisy and corporeal Rocket! I was able to find a really nice bolt of fleece that matches the office room and was attractive. But then I had to wait for the woman to figure out how to use the scanner. And I waited and I found a cheaper but  much less attractive, bordering on the ugly, fleece. And waited and finally called the manager over myself ( he had been  casually chatting with another worker through this whole broken/can't work it/have never seen this piece of machinery before imbroglio we had going on,  and didn't I just hear a plea over the speaker for workers to come work the registers?) Sir! Sir, her machine don't work and I have to gooooo!

The other worker, not the Manager I specifically requested - Note to Wallyworld staff, I feel you! Damn The Man! But. I am a customer, be angry at The Man all you want, but do not let that color your interactions with me, do not piss me off. Ignoring me or sending a minion  to fumble around and waste fifteen minutes of my time to do something that would take you  thirty seconds to accomplish? That pisses me off.

I finally got my ugly Kelly green fabric and I went to use a coupon for Nutrish dog food by Rachel Ray. It's expensive and not Buffalo, but I brought it home and Rocket ate it. I looked it up online and the very expensive version of the food not available at Wally, got four out of five stars from the ridiculously picky dog food reviewer I use to judge dog food. The version I bought today is a lot cheaper then what I have ben buying,  but still better than a lot of the dog food out there, but it sins by utilizing corn and corn by-products and  fillers, and some grain and grain is bad. I might try out the Big Box Pet store super duper high quality version Nutrish and see how he likes it.

I think his favorite kind of food is "not what I have been eating". Maybe that is the secret to getting Rocket to eat, is to keep it moving and keep it new.

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