Monday, October 7, 2013

A break

Did lot of things went lots  of places and got a lot done. I ran the dishwasher twice on Sunday! I mean OMG! I need to slow down.

Yay for work!

I bought Rocket a new sweater for the fall - not that it is ever going to be fall, its hot and  the Farmers Almanac is full of crap. "Record Winter" my ass. I am returning said sweater, not because he isn't going to need it, but because it's too big.  Rocket as big as he looks is not actually all that big, he is Large. but not Extra Large.  The  sweater was long enough  but too wide. I hope they take it back and that if they do take it back, I can get a size Large in the same pattern because it turns out looks outstanding in navy blue and gray argyle. I still did not buy the tie.

 I mowed the back yard and would have mowed the front but sadly, another extension cord prematurely  passed on! I don't know what is happening to them, they were so young and vital! I had to  leave the house and buy two new cords that hopefully come from stronger stock. The front yard didn't get mowed. I was in mourning for the dead cord and didn't think it would be appropriate so soon after the funeral.

I went to First Fridays and didn't buy anything!  but before I didn't buy anything I took Rocket to Dix.  I didn't buy anything because another reason we were at Dix was that I had forgotten  something at  my desk and I needed to bring it home. I left Rocket untethered in the car for ten minutes and he broke the car.

He found a way to forcibly remove my review mirror .  I'm not sure what message he was trying to convey with this, but the message I got was never leave me untethered in the car ever, ever again .  A  day later, Broskey repaired it for me , but Friday night I sweat the cost of getting fixed if that wasn't possible. To make up for not spending at First Friday, I bought the part for my washing machine instead. I would really like to be able to do my laundry again without having to dance attendance and hope that my interference actually would force a complete cycle - News flash? It never did. In the spring I'm going to use my tax rebate and get a new one.

While I was licking my wounds at Dix, we met a little club of women and their nice dogs and the dogs ran around and had a good time, it was cute and it took my mind off my car. Rocket can be so damn cute! The little beast.

Sunday I made two batches of brownies and wrapped them in gift bags and that makes them sound a lot nicer than they actually look, I'm not happy with the wrapping but I think the brownies will at the very least taste better than they look.

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