Friday, October 11, 2013

And the beat(ings) go on.

Went to work , worked all day, perhaps for one of the last times. The furlough is not looming, its standing outside the door waiting to kick it in. I am lucky in that while my hours will be cut, they will not be eliminated entirely. I will be a part time employee.

Rocket will be thrilled by my new hours. My checkbook will be broken hearted.

I have found that keeping myself very busy in the evenings is therapeutic for me while I  spend my days waiting for The Letter . This evening I decided that  my dirt laundry waiting around to be washed was not getting my laundry clean. I have walked passed a laundry just down the street for me for over a decade and had never took advantage of it. I changed that. What I learned is that not everything needs to go into your bucket. It was very clean.

I tried to think about the $458K house for sale next door and not about the fact that a man got bludgeoned outside the front door Monday night. I have never seen anyone in the laundry ever and really thought it was closed or maybe a front for  some sort of Breaking Raleigh style wrongness. But it is actually a laundry!   It felt like being on a laundry set, it was odd and its a little weird I've never seen anyone in there, but clearly someone or even many someones still managed to sneak in at some point, because they took a giant a pee in the recycling bin. If it had been hot, the space would have been uninhabitable, it was cool. so it was like inhaling inside a dirty cat box.  Fortunately, I was able to get my laundry done quickly and I didn't have to spend a lot of time there, but enough time for a panhandler to try and fail to hit me up for lunch money.

I came home and got the dryer fired up and then grabbed the dog and went to the grocery to pick up some more brownies for work - we need brownies, ya'll don't know!  I also bought fixings for a meat loaf and that made me happy. Its a new recipe and I am always looking for new and improved meat load recipes. I made the brownies, two batches because those cows at work aren't the only ones that need brownies in their lives right now.

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