Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Better me than them.

With holidays swiftly approaching  My God its October! All ready!! I have gotten an early start on my cards. Yay! Because there are other things I really need to get started on but I don't want to - I'm looking at you dog cookies.  I do want to play with pictures and online card sites. I made one set all ready and they turned out beautifully and I got a great deal from one of the online card sites.

This made me hopeful and I decided to try again on the card site, I was hoping to get a similar deal but I'm discovering you can only go to the well once, somehow once th3 universe knows you got a great deal once, that's it, its full price for you for the rest of the season. Bother. So I went looking for other sites and did a quick search and found Photo Card Review .

Helpful, helpful, helpful! Just what the doctor ordered! I dove right in. Quality? Choice? Which is the cheapest one? I discovered there is no such thing as cheap when it comes to photo cards. I then also discovered that my image (s) this year are edgy. I am not "edgy" I am a person who ends out Christmas cards from my dog! I am without edge. However, my images this year are a little more interesting then other years, in that the people who get them are going to have some interesting thoughts when they get them. Hopefully they will be thoughts like "Wow, I never looked at those things like that myself, how clever! That really does look like a ...
and not WTF? She thought a fill-in-the-blank was Christmasy? What was she thinking? after plugging my images into approximately 300 cards, I am having my doubts about my um, vision. I see them as being  neato and different but others may just think that I am different.
Clearly, this year I thought outside the box. I think its a good direction to go in. I think the direction I'm going to have to go in is the cheaper direction and thus the better direction than what I was going to do in the first place - Corporate! Inside the box! Fill-in-the-blank! and I'll make it more of a hands on DIY project. Ha. The  pricey, narrow minded photo sites loss will be Jerry's Art-O-Rama's gain.

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