Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Grr Argh.

I went to still more card sites and looked at more cards. You know what  style I like best? the most expensive . Uniformly. Do I like the square design? The one that costs about .30 extra per card to mail? Sure do! Is the design just about perfect? Does it suit the image perfectly? Is the message appropriate for multiple holidays? Yup! Is it the cutest thing ever? OF COURSE IT IS.

But. It is not to be. No. I am going to DIY it and I will be happy with the results. Damn it. Sure, I could make what I have look like what I want but that would turn the whole thing into an art project and I don't want to do a project and when you add in the cost of your art supplies, you might has well spend the fortune on the Ideal , because your time is actually worth a certain amount too and when it gets the time of year when you are  dealing with cards you don't have a lot of extra time for extra projects.

I need to watch TV, calm down. Think positive but simple DIY card thoughts. My new manta is: No Art project No Art Project No Art Project

I thought about this at church on Sunday.

I was sitting next to this woman at church and I noticed that she had very small thighs and I was like “What little thighs she has! Mine are so huge! God I’m fat!” and I tried to arrange my thighs to look smaller. We got to the Peace-Be-With-You’s and I heard her voice for the first time. She sounded like a Muppet! A child Muppet a moppet Muppet! How sad... And after that  I was like "What a trade off! You have great thighs but at the same time you also have a weird little moppet  Muppet voice". I felt instantly better about my  fat thighs and my non-Muppet voice.

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