Thursday, October 3, 2013


I found another super-duper deal on Christmas cards today! Weeeeee! SO far I have about half I need in the bag, I just need to get one more deal and I';ll be good to go. I was about to pull the trigger on the last bit and I decided that I wasn't going to pay that much per for the equivalent of a postcard. They are the cutest cards ever, but I can't see to spending a fortune on them.

I could and am totally willing to DYI the last bit but I lurve the image! I found the perfect design! I can't replicate it with  DIY! Arrggh.

I decided to step away from the Christmas cards and get my focus back to the now or actually, October 7, the kick off for my divisions annual combined campaign. The committee had a meeting to day and it was reveled that we do not have enough deserts for the desert raffle! We also have no food trucks and only ten charities booked for the Charity Fair. Last year we could buy stuff from a craft fair, this year we get to steal pens from hungry children. I was volen-told that I was going to do be adding the desert count and I better know what I will be bringing by Friday because I have to submit the ingredient list .I guess it was better than being volun-told to get a food truck to show up.

How do you find the ingredients on a box of brownie mix? Do I have to include the soy lecithin? or can I just say "It comes from a box, figure it out" . So I went to the store to get whatever it was that was going to inspire me, and I was inspired, the mystery desserts are going to be brownies. Everyone loves brownies. They aren't going to win the prize for Most Raffle Tickets Collected, but last year I worked like hell on my dessert and it was awesome - and it didn't win either.   The Brownies are not going to be awesome.

I did go for high end boxed brownies though. I bypassed the lesser Food Lion and sprang for the nicer Food Lion, I'm pretty sure they had the same stock in the stores, but the whole vibe was nicer. It was clear that these were nicer then what I would have bought in the other store. I think it will convey through the brownies'  spirit, they'll say "We are brand name brownies!, we were not on sale!". If I wanted to be truly giving, I would have made the trek to the really nice Lowe's - but I'm not that nice and my cake didn't win the raffle last year and not only did my cake not win, I was the only person that didn't win a cake in the raffle! So this year, boxed brownies.

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