Monday, October 21, 2013

Doing nothing and liking it.

You know what this weekend was? This weekend was "Diana does nothing all weekend and really, really enjoys herself" It was heaven.

I did start to feel a little guilty about all the nothing I was getting done, so I took the front horizontal planter out of commission and  decided that next year the shoe trees slash planters will be attached to the pallets with zip ties instead of the metal hooks they came with - and this is not just because I lost some in the transition process, they will turn up ( next time I till the garden). The planter in the back yard might stay where it is because it was my first try and was a learning experience and there are a lot of staples involved and I think it is in every ones best interest if  it can stay where it is. I will empty it out after my chives die back, but is in a good place and can winter there.

Saturday I was so lazy I didn't even take the dog for a walk, I ran errands and he came with me. I count this as enrichment because he gets to see new things and watch new people! Yay! Also it keeps him excited and that ultimately, makes him sleepy so it feels like he had a much more full day than he actually had.

Later we curled up on my chair and watched a lot of TV.

Sunday we slept late and watched more TV and later, I took Rocket for a longer than anticipated walk around downtown. And then we watched more TV, I took a shower and then we watched more TV.

A super good weekend all around. Next weekend I see oxtail stew getting made.

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