Tuesday, October 22, 2013

F%^&*ed to Fixed

I came home to a wonderful welcome form Rocket!

My first reaction was to stand in the doorway and scream. And then I came into the room and screamed at Rocket. And then I got on the phone to the vet to scream at them. Clearly Plan A is not working anymore and its time to move to Plan B.  And NO I can't afford a NC State Vet School Behaviorist! My insurance doesn't cover that and I can't afford it on my own. Hook me up with a chemical restraint.

This is in addition to his Prozac.

The vet asked me if I yelled at the dog when it happened and I was like "Yup. Screamed like a banshee", she said "Oh. You should never do that! You just ignore him when he does things like that! Screaming makes the anxiety worse." I was like vet please lets talk about my anxiety! I;m going to have a stroke here! "Ignore him when he does a bad thing!?" NOT.

We took a trip to Sam's and got the pills and fed me then home to fed him and then we went to Wallyworld for duct tape and  a new futon cover.

Photo blogging the experience - How To Fix or Conceal the Damage to Your Chewed up Futon

 Stuff the stuffing back in, don't be afraid to not get it all back in.

First tape the wound shut, make sure its secure.

Seal the area completely and as strongly as possible, it needs to hold.

Make sure the outer layer is also sealed and secured to contain the damage.

Cover the area to keep the wound clean and contained and the scar hidden from view.

Clean the room of evidence and hope for the best. And that the chemical restraints hold.

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