Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Learning about the neighborhood.

Well, he didn't chew on the futon as much as he did Monday. He also seems a little hyper and more restless - he isn't a restless dog, he takes naps. A lot of naps, he's pretty much wide awake right now. I did notice while I was writing this that I too a look around and didn't see him.

I can always see him, he is always in the room with me . He was not in the room with me. He was in the office, on the futon, in the dark, chewing on a bone. he was not chewing on the futon.

After I moved the futon around to hide the new chewing, I noticed that Rocket seems a little "up", he is always happy to see me but he usually doesn't go on a victory lap around the house in my honor. I took him to the park because I decided that he needed to o o the park. He got there and ran like he was being chased by the devil. He ran flat out. He also met a couple of new dogs and chased them. At some point some dog  bite or nipped his sides and now he as boo-boos on both flanks. I believe it might have been the totally adorable spaniel who mounted him - Rocket pulled away and I think the spaniel dug in with his claws a bit.

We left the park and went for a walk, he wasn't ready to go home and I wasn't sure I wanted him to go home in the state he was in. So we walked and discovered a whole neighborhood I didn't know was there. I had always assumed that the world fell off at the edge of the dog park and so there was no reason to  go beyond the parking lot.

It turns out there is a little shopping center and a takeout/dine in grill. The Brookside Market and Grill  where they serve Mediterranean food and have a large selection of international foods in the market, and it is also a convenience store. I looked them up on Yelp and the reviews were very positive  and now I want to go there to see if I'll like them too. On Face book they have their menu and it looks interesting. I have wanted to try out Shawarma after seeing it on many Food network food porn shows and now I can and close to home! Yay!

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