Thursday, October 24, 2013

Taking into my own hands.

Rocket has seen some improvement. He has dialed back the gorging to snacking! The wonders of modern veterinary pharmacology! But, its  still not good enough. I wanted him to become an futon anorexic.  I'm afraid that this might not be possible in the short term. I am taking it to the next level. If I can't make him want to stop eating my futon, I can make it as difficult as possible. That is sheets of a  particularly unpleasant carpet protector with the pointy side out.

Very low tech, but I  hope an important deterrent to his afternoon  futon centered freak outs. I called the vet today to register my lack of complete satisfaction with his new med and to ask if maybe we could up the dose a bit, as it stands, it has kept him from chowing down like he did Monday but he's still snacking and I want him to go on a diet. A crash diet. I was unable to speak with the actual vet but I made sure that my comments made it to his chart and I am going to call back to speak with someone with a prescription pad.

I can't be there to catch him in the act so I have to do something to make it as unattractive and painful a process as possible. I want him to think of eating that futon as a bad, bad thing that he doesn't want to do anymore. I don't want to hurt him badly, but a little discomfort can be an object lesson.

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