Friday, October 25, 2013

Pints for Paws

Rocket and I had a night out at a bar! Rocket and I went to a fund raiser for Cause for Paws and we had a lovely time! If you are at all interested in current  Halloween fashion trends among the four legged population, and really, who isn't - This Year is all about Amphibians, Shell fish and Sea Creatures! In the costume contest that we did not win, were a : Dolphin, frog, octipus, crawdad, dragon and a lizard. Rocket coming dressed as a Ralph Lauren model and another large dog dressed as a Rock Star didn't have a chance. The pet costume industry has a serious bias against large breeds! The winner was a tiny dog dressed as a crawfish.

If they had a Mr. Best Dressed or a Mr. Congeniality though, young Rocket would have won hands down.

He and I both are now exhausted

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