Friday, October 18, 2013

Live and Learn

And we're open for business! Yay!  Well, "we" were always open for business "we" went to work everyday. The woman down the hall with the same job description as me but with a different payer source, had been out since the first. I'm hoping she doesn't ask how long I was off for because I can't tap dance well enough to dance around the fact I wasn't furloughed for a minute. If I were her, I would hate me.

On to happy news! My washing machine washed a load of laundry! All the way through! All by itself!  And they came out all but dry! It was just like old times! So exciting! I'm like "OMG! I can do my laundry anytime I want!" I spent two months with a cranky washer and suddenly I'm Helen Keller learning W A T E R.

It did make it clear to me that the machine was ill for quite a while before it started to show symptoms. The laundry hadn't been nearly as wrung out as it should have been, and while I noticed the difference, I decided that it was my imagination and it never was that not wet coming out of the machine. Yes, yes it was, it was that not wet. It actually borders on the damp when it comes out, not wet but damp. It had been wet for a while.

Thinking positively, I now have a new timer and a newish control panel so it should  (Please Jesus!) work for at few more years or until a really spectacular appliance sale comes along. Its all but a new machine now having a had heart and brain transplants. So for the cost of a low end, stripped down new machine, I didn't have to get the old machine out and a new machine in - major score there, and I got  to keep using my old bells and whistlers machine. I did learn a lesson though: Do not let the repair service order the part, get the part number, its on your paperwork as well as on the machine, and order the part yourself online. You will get a much better deal than if  the service company orders the part for you.

Happy Friday.

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