Thursday, October 10, 2013

Still working

Another day, another day not furloughed yet . It's not an "if" it is definitely a when. So we wait.

I came home from an exhausting day taking part in Death Watch 2013 and took Rocket to the park for an hour, he had a blast and I feel that I made up for making him sit in the car for two hours while I kibitzed with the Democrats and shivered in the cold on Tuesday. At least Rocket had a nice place to lay down and toys to play with.

My big accomplishments today were

 1) Spent an hour at the dog park
 2) removed a peed on section of Rickets stress rug
 3) Bought  Rocket a sweater
 4) Took pictures of Rocket in sweater.
 5) Filled the dishwasher.

yes, the cat did make fun of him  Ha ha. I have adequate body fat to maintain warmth and I have lovely full coat! I don't need to wear clothing! Har Har. Rocket answered : I have one thing you don't have : Prey Drive.

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