Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Election 2013

Note to self : Get Rocket a sweater! Poor naked dog!

Also Note to self - If you are going to try to be all hard and represent actually stand around in the cold and rain for two damn hours, excuse yourself to go get a coat! You are going to get sick and its your fault. Rocket gets points for watching the car for the whole time and not barking the whole time,  destroying anything or making a mess. Him is good puppy.

I have not been furloughed yet . The popular wisdom says that I will and it will be sooner rather than later but it most likely won't be for long, if we are actually not put on leave, my office will in all likelihood be part timers.

I was standing around in the rain, full disclosure, under a tent, because I  was told I was going to be there. I have never had to be there before, the extent of my involvement under prior  precinct chairs was to drive in the rain the night before the election to fetch signs and then early in the morning of the election - also in the dark, putting the signs out at the polling place. This was slightly better because of the See and Be Seen aspect and I got to look at a scrapbook of a former officer of  the local NAACP that covered three decades of service. Very cool stuff.

I just looked up the  election results  and thus far, everything is looking good and I think everyone I voted for is going to win. Wake County is pretty reliable from a Democratic Party stand point I am also happy that both the bonds passed - suck it tea party terrorists.

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