Monday, October 28, 2013


I was causally thinking about what I was going to wear to work on Monday and then about what I was going to make for lunch and then more immediately, my shower. Life was good.

And then I remembered that Strangers were coming to my house Monday night to talk to me about kitchen renos!  There is zero chance that this is going to happen, but its free and I like free. They are going to take lots of measurements and I think its always a good idea to have those handy - and if someone else wants to do it?  More the better.

Instead of making lunch or deciding on what I am wearing to work Monday I through myself into getting the kitchen to a condition that I would not be embarrassed to have strangers in. Not for the upcoming holidays, not because I should have a clean kitchen. not because people I care about are going to be in the space - Strangers I don't care about are going to see it and I wanted it to look nice for them.

Mostly I don't want strangers to eat out on the condition of my kitchen. The last thing I want to do is to became a meme at the Home Depot. So I was on my knees cleaning my floor and scrubbing the doors of  my appliances. It got done.

I could have done this at my leisure during any of the many, many hours I spent watching TV or sunning myself in the yard with dog, walking the dog or aimlessly going to the store with the dog. Did you know that Home Depot is Dog Friendly? You can bring your dog when you go to buy whatever it is you need at Home Depot - Which for me right now, is the Santa Vader or the Christmas Giraffe . Sadly, they will not be coming home with me, so I have to visit them. This is how I ended up with the kitchen consult.

I also learned this weekend while I was puttering around not cleaning my house, that it is much easier to mow your leaves than to rake your leaves. Much. I am giving away my rakes.

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