Tuesday, October 29, 2013


That's what $17,645 looks like. I think looking at the picture, that I would need the doors to be a darker brown to match the dark in the back splash. I love the quartz counter top but in a perfect world it would be concrete mixed with recycled glass. All the wood would be bamboo, all surfaces an hardware would be as green as possible.

I don't have $17,645. I hate my floor, HATE. I hated it when I moved in twelve years ago and I have not become ambivalent in my opinion  over the years - I have tried to try to cover it up. It should be a good, heavy traffic tile. The wall paper could be replaced. The cabinet doors need to be sanded and then sprayed a different color.

I can't afford any version of the above pipe dreams, but the floor needs to be replaced. because its awful. Maybe I can work on that and then move to the wallpaper sometime after that.

I need an HGTV show to come in and make it gorgeous. How does one make that happen?

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