Friday, November 1, 2013


I had to break my not-going-home-streak because I forgot my lunch. Brilliant. So, three out of four days is not that bad, right? Today I'm totally not going home because I'm getting an eye brow wax and treating myself to Burger Yucky, in honor of , well, Friday and the fact that it is the first of November. All ready.

Thursday when I got home for lunch I was welcomed home by a pee free office which made me very happy  and in celebration, we went outside and he had a nice pee. We followed that up by a short walk. We came home, I ate lunch and I took him outside again and berated him until he peed again. I thought we were golden. Fools gold. four there was an extra wide stream I had to ford to get to his leash.

I also noted that he had chewed on the plastic covering of the futon as well. If I come home he still pees but he also chews the futon. If I do not come home at lunch he just pees. Yay. I thought my middle of the day visit was  causing him even more anxiety that he all ready deals with, because I seemed to upset him to the point he peed and ate my futon.  Me not being there means that he does not eat my futon but he still pees.

I need him to both 1) Not Pee and 2) Not eat my Futon.  At the same time.

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