Thursday, October 31, 2013


In honor of Halloween

Three days to get used to The Change and three streams to drain when I got home.  When we go see the vet on Saturday for his yearly, in addition to pushing the stress peeing idea, I'm going to float the hormonal theory of sudden incontinence, apparently when a dog gets fixed and his hormones change, he can lose control of his bladder, it seems that hey need a bit of testosterone to keep that in check and he doesn't have anymore. Its been months since his surgery but it takes that long for the hormones to balance out and I think they are tilted in the wrong direction.

Incontinence is treatable!

So that I would not spend too much time obsessing on dog urine, Rocket and I took a long walk downtown to the museum district. We haven't been by there in a long time so it was nice change for us. We climbed on many retaining walls and sniffed many interesting sniffs. We or rather I  sniffed at the Christmas trees they all ready have displayed in their museum store windows - but it was a much different snif it was closer to a tsk.

Here is Rocket holding the very world on his shoulders

So calm, so collected. He likes the smell of dog urine. Sigh.

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