Thursday, November 7, 2013

Weekly round up.

And how has your week been?

Monday we had our annual employee appreciation luncheon. Except there was no appreciation and the budget office cancelled our "luncheon", which which up until Friday afternoon consisted of  cold cut sandwiches and water. We usually get at least the cold sandwiches, but the budget office "reinterpreted" the standing rule and decided we really do not warrant being that appreciated.

Instead for the appreciation segment of the gathering, we were told with some pride, that the plan was to hire new people at much higher salaries then we were getting! The idea was to create inequality which would "have" to be corrected. ( Note, I am not kidding, this is a verbatim quote) Of course it will! Because the current legislature stands for even handedness and equality! They don't have a hard on at all  for creating inequalities!  They love inequality and want more of it for more people. They do not know their history and think people who do are libruls or communists or socialists or even fascists.

They do not under any circumstance want state workers to be happy. The legislature is full of ignorant teabaggers who think ( their fellow) state workers are a bunch of over paid losers who do nothing all day, they "know"we do nothing because they stripped the solitaire  off our computers -so for sure we do nothing all day. We  ( but not them) are over paid and undeserving. Of course they are going to leap to correct any problems that affect us ( and not them).

We did score two hours away from our desks for  a lecture on how great the DHSR and how those employees who were furloughed, did it for the team and it will all be worth it. We also learned that they are going to introduce a new platform that will help us stay connected. In reality, it is a very fancy phone tree. Period. Upside, the next time it snows we won't have to go to work to check our emails to see if  they sent us an email at work to tell us to stay home.

And the we had a really substantive mini-course on The Cloud. They hope to be able to use it for home based workers, or to increase the number of home based workers, but only if you want to be a home based worker -some people don't like it. Home based.

And then they handed out the service awards, which in theory we were supposed to hang around for but without the lunch bribe, I wasn't sticking around on my time to watch other people pick up their clocks or paper weights or lanterns. I  ate my own sandwich in my car.

Tuesday morning. I had the thought that whatever is upsetting the dog might be outside and if I made the outside go away, maybe the problem would go away with it. Surprise! It didn't! The dog destroyed my fifty year old blinds and  left my sheers in shreds. And he peed the floor. I need to stop having ideas, they are all wrong.

The doggy behaviorist coming next Tuesday. Today I took the Rocket to doggy daycare and for the first time in weeks didn't dread coming home.

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