Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Another experiment another failure,

If you ever want to Get In Touch with Your Feminine Side or Really Feel Like a Woman - Get a mamagram and feel every inch of your womanhood. God damn but those are"uncomfortable".

I don't remember it hurting quite so much in years past,or maybe the technician was just more through this year, she kept referring to them as "her" or "she" as  in "Can you shift her a little more to the edge?  or"How is she doing? I need to squeeze her a little more" 

The answer was every time"Do it! Do it! Do it! God this hurts! Just get your film please!

Because of my appointment, Rocket did not get his full walk. I feel bad about this, he worked so hard destroying the blinds in his window and shredding the sheer curtain, I thought he deserved a real adventure. I can't be too angry at him for this bit of terrorism, because I set him up. I had a thought that the reason he was freaking out in the afternoons was because the world of wonder out in the street was just too much for him. I decided that today was the day to free him from that over stimulation.

It turns out he really,really, really missed whatever drama goes on out there. I mean, like really, really. He was destitute without his eye on the world. The sheeris toast and while the slats on the  blind are a lot uglier then they used to be,  it still works. Sigh.

Next Tuesday a behaviorist is coming to tell me why all this is happening  and how to make him stop destroying my house and my trust.

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