Thursday, January 16, 2014


I have not yet heard back from Wal-Mart customer service.

I just upgraded to HD. My HD TV is beside itself with joy! Finally it is working in its field! Fulfillment is its!

I am learning that while everything looks better in HC. everyone does not. Its a little off-putting. I have dealt with the shock/horror by limiting my viewing to gorgeous nature shows on National Geographic. So far I have toured Africa, Siberia and the oceans of the world.  Animals are shocking beautiful in HD. Whales, Russian bears, mole rats, ravens,  reindeer - Did you know there are indigenous peoples in Siberia that ride reindeer like horses?  Or that they have talked the Masai warriors out of killing lions? By the way, the Masai are unbelievably gorgeous in HD. The people on E!, not so much.

What you learn when you get HD. I remember going to the Texas State Fair years upon years ago and standing in a long  line for the privilege of walking past a HD TV airing footage of  fruit spinning on a plate. When I was with Barney, people were having meetings in our conference room on how to use this new technology. Not for Barney, but for how to get the technology into TVs for home use. Ta da!

I have been coming home for lunch the past few days, I take Rocket out to pee, eat my lunch and go back to work. Rocket is dry when I come home. There has also knock wood been no new destruction during this time. I stopped coming home because it seemed like me coming home and then leaving again was very unsettleing for him and he was acting out by tearing things up and peeing on the floor.

I stopped coming home and while the destruction, apart from a single episode of him tearing down the blinds and cutting his mouth - it was less frequent. He was still either peeing in his box and bedding or peeing on the floor.Actually it went from peeing on the floor to peeing in the box on the bedding to removing the bedding from the box and either 1) peeing on the floor and covering it with the bedding or 2) removing the bedding from the box and peeing on it.  There is still a lot of pee getting on my hardwoods.

Coming home means less peeing in he room which would be a win for me, but it also seems like a step back to me and it also makes it feels like he won somehow and I don't like that.

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