Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I still write letters.

Dear Walmart,

On 1.11.14 I shopped Store 5292 at 20:46 :38

 My order was rung up and my goods were put into bags, I took my bags home. I got home and noticed that AGAIN I did not make it home with all my purchases because your clerk didn't give me all my bags. This happens al the time across every Walmart I shop at and I shop at a lot of Walmarts.

I believe it’s a way for the staff to add to their meager pay. I also see it as theft. I bought the products and I want them back. I am tired of Walmart stealing from me.

 I called the office at the time and was told that "Talking to these people is like talking to air" and that "A lot of management is friends with the staff" and that is why complaints go unanswered. It was suggested I speak with corporate.

The next time I come home with less then I should, I'm going to the police, because it is theft: I paid for goods and those goods were not given to me, so, theft. This might get attention to the problem. I will call the police and send them to your store and I will charge the clerk and the the manger who failed to train the clerk as the thieves.  And I’ll call the papers and go on the internet - Fun Fact : a lot of people hate Walmart and will love to hear about my idea. It could become a “thing”, like flashmobs. You can look forward to flash mobs and police calls. How fun for you. There will be a lot of police calls to your stores.

It will work better than calling the store. The police the know how to communicate with “air”.

 Also, I bought 5 items, I took home four bags. I did not need this many bags, you must train your clerks for bagging, I am not asking to train them better I am asking you to train them AT ALL.  Grocery stores manage to train half wits to bag groceries and you can't manage the same with your staff? Walmart constantly disappoints, thank you for lowering the bar yet again.

 Get rid of the bag turn style and teach your clerks to bag properly and you might solve this very real issue for your stores.


This was emailed to both Walmart customer service complaints and Walmart Global Ethics complaints.

Global Ethics got back to me. Still waiting for customer service. Will be calling Mr. Market Manager.

Hello Diana,

Thank you for contacting the Global Ethics Office. One of our objectives is to provide guidance for ethical dilemmas and to ensure formal review for behavior that may be inconsistent with the Walmart Statement of Ethics, which can be found at 

As described, your concerns do not require a review from our office; however, a review of your concern may still be necessary.  Please feel free to contact the Market Manager over this Market, NAME by calling 919-XXX-XXXX

Thank you and feel free to contact us in the future regarding the Statement of Ethics. 

Kindest Regards,
Global Ethics Office

I wrote back.

Dear Tim,

Thank you so much for getting back with me so quickly. I thought this was an ethical problem that could be address by your office. I am however very grateful for the contact you provided. Thank you for taking the time to address my complaint.



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