Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Before and After

I knew going in I was going to take the Christmas decoration boxes upstairs and I was prepared for the unfun of going up and down the stairs eighteen times to get the job done -you know you have made that slog one time too many when even the weim doesn't think you need the supervision this time around.

After our walk and dinners, the dog and I were letting our dinners settle and I had started to plan getting the boxes upstairs - which needed to go up first, where they needed to go and it came to me that why I really needed to do was to make peanut butter cookies! Of Course! What a great idea! I needed to go to the store to get peanut butter and eggs, but I could make the cookies and then while they were cooking, take the boxes up stairs! Super! I made a bazillion trips up and down the stairs, my body neededthem by the time they were ready.I earned those cookies.



Those of you wondering where peanut butter cookies fall in the "Apples and Carrots" school of not eating more crap than I have to : I used fake eggs and low fat peanut butter and half the sugar the recipe called for. These cookies are almost healthy

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