Monday, January 6, 2014

Back to the grind.

I enjoyed my Staycation. I feel rested, ready and in shape for the next year!

Bull shit. I did learn that  I really enjoy going to work for a couple of days, having a couple of days off and then working for a day then following that up with a weekend, and I could work weeks like that indefinitely. Its going to suck to have to work five days in a row.

My niece dog perforated my boy nephew so my niece dog is gone. My nephew is healing well and will be fine, but it was a very scary moment. She may be gone like "gone",  the sheriff took her and she's in solitary at the local SPCA that is known for putting animals down quickly and without warning.I don't want to know more, it makes me angry and very sad.  I'm praying for her.  My nasty judgmental self feels that the family shouldn't have more pets ever, they aren't suited for it. My whole self  hopes whatever her outcome she will finally be truly loved, at peace and be free. I would take her if I possibly could.

I spent my time off cooking. I made a fabulous chicken potpie with home grown peppers, tomatoes and green beans and then this weekend, I made a wonderful smoked turkey noodle soup with the same. I added some onions, green and white, peas, celery and lots of garlic. It didn't wind up making as much as I thought it would, but I think I can make it work. I'm pretty sure that I had a cold before I had my first bowl of this soup, now? I have been cured! This stuff is awesome.

I filled the soup with all the meat it could hold and still had loads left over. I'm going to make a turkey pot pie and maybe mix in some BBQ sauce and make some sandwiches. I also got the outdoor decos down and stowed in the back bedroom until I get the tree down. I like the tree and I'm going to take it down at my leisure.

Rocket starts agility classes at the end of the month and that it going to be exciting for the both of us.

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