Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I was at work when I over heard one of my co-workers talking about how it was going to get cold and then snow. I told th co-worker to think happy thoughts and stop being all doom and gloom and scaring the chilrin.

That person was talking crazy because you could see it was bright outside and not cold enough and it was balmy over the weekend and they were being crazy.

That was then.It was 49 degrees when I left work and when I came home from walking the dog just after 5pm it was all ready falling. I understood it was going to get worse - my workmates might be giant panic merchants but my phone does not lie. I decided that post walk I would run to Sams and pay my bill,  pick up the dogs meds and then bring a nice frozen lasagna home and stick it in the oven and spend  the next few days rolling around in it.

Lasagna is freaking expensive. I could get two family sized lasagnas for  the same price as bag of boneless skinless. I had to weigh this : Eat a few lasagna meals or eat like many, many chicken meals for a lot longer. Gone are the days where I would say "Hey,I think I'll just get them both!"  and then have to eat the lasagna immediately because I had no room to store it.The sad thing is, I have the room now! I didn't used to have the room for frozen foods! Now I do and I can't afford to! Its so "Gift of the Magi".

I also bought some Galla apples because they are very good and they don't sell them at my Walmart. Speaking of Walmart, the assistant manager of my Walmart, Marie, called me today to formally apologize for the store stealing my food. She promised that the staff will be in-serviced and  retrained to put the bags into the carts and that the front of store managers will be watching much closer to make sure that they are in fact doing this,so doesn't happen as often as it happens now.She also promised that the next time I'm in the store I get free donuts.

I'm not done with them yet. I'm still going to call the area manager to talk to him because it is a problem greater then my store and it is the culture of the stores to do this. Someone has to inculturate the staff and that person has to be trained to teach them the corporate culture when they get hired, and it goes further than the little assistant manager at my store. If Food Lion can manage to not let people leave behind their purchases, Walmart can get with he program too.

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