Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fun in the kitchen

I had to make more peanut butter cookies - Just to get the peanut butter out of my house! SInce I've had peanut butter in my house I have had peanut butter cookies in my house and this is not helping my goal of not having things like peanut butter cookies in my house.

For my finaldry ingredients
as well as eggs and butter and sugar.  I had been focusing on easy, three ingredient or less recipes because well, three ingredients or less is easy and fast and I am all about immediate gratification.
This time I went with : Classic Peanut Butter Cookie recipe. It includes butter and baking soda and baking powder and flour, additionally, salt, brown sugar,peanut butter and vanilla.

Not quite as immediate with the gratification, but still pretty damn gratifying They have more body than the others and they didn't spread out like the other batches and while they are really good, there is a light flour-y after  taste to them that the other batches made without flour did not have. They may be a little less pure but they bake at a higher temperature so they warmed up the kitchen a lot more. Score!

I'm not just sitting around  glomming down cookies, I am also spending quality time with apples too. I started to think that I would apples more frequently if they were less messy and if I didn't have to then deal with the core. Shiver.

Enter the apple slicer

not totally even, these apples are larger than the last variety I bought, the slicer works better with smaller apples.
 There is still a  core, but its much smaller


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