Monday, January 27, 2014

Garden 2014 1

Since the temperatures here now range between 19 and 61, I decided to take advantage of it being one of the 61 degree days ( actually, mid 50s) and get some outdoor chores taken care of. I tilled up all the garden spaces and applied more of my alfalfa pellets.  Note to self: Get More. The stuff works like a charm and is cheap. My garden was so much happier last season than it was in prior years, I harvested a lot more last year than I did the year before.

I did all of this because I went shopping and picked up my 2014 spuds! So many more for so much less! I love my seed catalogs but their products, while really high quality, are so expensive. I'm going to order some tomato plants and corn seeds and possibly some leaks, but I'm going to make it a Buy Local garden more than in prior years.

I'm only planting the two varieties this year because I really likes these two and there isn't any reason to plant multiple varieties to just to plant more. I am going to plant more of them in the ground this year because my experiment last year was so successful. I'm still going to plant in the containers, but there will be a much larger spud population in the ground than last year.

I spread most of my alfalfa in the area that my corn is going to be planted, corn is a "heavy" feeder and I want my crop to be as fat and happy as possibly. I'm probably going to put most of my compost there as well. I also amended the main garden, but its going to need more dirt this year so the new dirt will be stronger and need less help.

While I was out in the yard I pulled up the flowering shrubs I planted last spring, they  came with a warning that they don't like the cold and no surprise, they did not make it through the winter. This year I am going to put in Knock Out roses and those will hopefully, be there for along time. They are very tough plants.

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